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Baking Story

My interest in baking sourdough started nearly six years ago just before we moved our family to the UK from my home country Malaysia. I was introduced to this craft by a good friend in Johor and her amazing bread inspired me to start growing my own natural levain (wild yeast). With it, I have been able to bake the range of wonderful breads you can see in my baking gallery. 

Since starting my baking journey I have always been on the look out for new recipes to try out from focaccia, babka, bomboloni, bagels to stromboli, ciabatta, baguette, fougasse, beetroot and blue pea flower bread.  

Raising a young family has given me the opportunity to explore different styles and techniques of baking and try out different range and texture of flours. I am now ready to share my sourdough loaves  with the local community and I hope everyone will enjoy them. 

Garden focaccia
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I love baking sourdough because it is a more healthy alternative to the traditional loaf with no additives or preservatives. The long fermentation helps to break down the gluten, making it more digestible and easier for the body to absorb. 

The sourdough loaves that I make are naturally leavened bread, which means it doesn’t use commercial yeast to rise. It uses a ‘starter’ – a fermented flour and water mixture that contains wild yeast and good bacteria – to rise. It produces the tangy flavour and slightly chewy crumb you’ll find in sourdough bread.

Every loaf takes minimum 3 days to make, from preparing natural levain until out of the hot oven. 

We are proud that our loaves are made using high quality organic wheat that is unsurpassed in texture and flavour to produce the best sourdough bread. 

Our home bakery is situated in Hagley, Stourbridge and open 5 days a week so why not give us a try.

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Baking Gallery

Garden focaccia
Homemade Blood Orange Sourdough Rolls wi
100% Dark Rye Sourdough Loaf
Classic sourdough cinnamon rolls glazed with cream cheese icing
Swirled black and white (charcoal & wholemeal malthouse)
Dulce de leche dark chocolate babka
Traditional loaves
Cocoa toasted hazelnuts swirl loaf
Vintage cheddar cheese with toasted sesame seeds bread rolls
Heart-shaped sourdough challah
Dark chocolate sourdough brownie with pecans
Charcoal and pumpkin loaves
Garden focaccia (decorated)
Italian bomboloni filled with dark chocolate ganache
Halloween bake
Sourdough Brownies with Marshmallows and Chocolate Frosting
Traditional seeded with semolina batard
Traditional loaves
Sourdough Pain d'Epi coated with Sesame Seeds
Rustic Country Loaves
Apple Pie Sourdough Rolls
I Love You Sourdough Fougasse
Crinkle dark chocolate cookies
100% Dark Rye Sourdough Loaf
Charcoal Loaf
Cheesy focaccia
Organic dark rye with wheat design
Beautiful roses loaf
100% Aged Black Garlic and Parmesan Cheese Loaf
Sourdough Hot Cross Buns
Beetroot Loaf with Leaves Design
100% Organic Semolina with Toasted Sesame
Rustic Traditional Loaves
Cardamom Halo's with Almond Flakes
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